Rail Cars

Pressure measurement on railway tank wagons

Bourdon tube pressure gauges for pressure monitoring on tank wagons for powdery goods (AppBe_SF_032)

Deutsche Bahn AG, for manufacturers of rail cars, shipping companies (e.g. chemical industry)
Fields of application Pressure measurement on railway tank wagons
Tank wagons that transport powdery goods belong to the special purpose wagons. These are normally equipped with a pressure gauge for pressure monitoring.

The problem:

Tank wagons that transport powdery goods have to be monitored on varying pressure ratios. During test operation (24 h), the pressure range lies at 1.0 bar. During transport, the pressure must lie at 0.5 bar. Unloading takes place at a pressure of 2.5 bar, which may not be exceeded.

Our solution:

In order to monitor these values accurately, we have "spread" our pressure gauge. This means that in a range of 0 – 1.4 bar over 120°, we are able to read the values precisely. The unloading pressure lies at 2.5 bar. A red mark indicates the unloading pressure. This pressure may not be exceeded.

Bourdon tube pressure gauge RChgG 63 – 1 rmFr Armaturenbau Manotherm

Our instrument in detail:

With special scale:
Bourdon tube pressure gauge RChgG 63 – 1 rmFr

  • 0 – 4 bar
  • Case with crimped-on ring stainless steel
  • Connection G ¼ B
  • With front flange for panel mounting
  • Acrylic glass
  • Movement stainless steel
  • Accuracy class 1.6
  • Special scale for varying pressure ratios:
    • for test operation 1 bar
    • for transport 0.5 bar
    • for unloading 2.5 bar

Brake pressure in road/rail vehicles

Pressure measurement for operating pressure (HBL) and main brake pipe pressure (HL) (AppBe_SF_033)

manufacturers and maintenance companies of road/rail vehicles

Application Rail cars road/rail vehicle
For companies with an own railway siding, it is often uneconomic to acquire an own shunter. This might be the opportunity to use a road / rail shunting vehicle. These are specially equipped freight vehicles, which can be operated both on a conventional road and on railway tracks. In order to shunt waggons, the road/rail vehicle must be provided with the appropriate equipment, including a compressed air brake system.

The problem:

According to the Directive 931.0103 “Construction requirements for road/rail vehicles”, pressure gauges for operating pressure (HBL) and main brake pipe pressure (HL) with a diameter of 80 mm (3.15") with quality class 1 are part of the basic equipment of a road/rail vehicle, which is equipped with a rail car brake system.

Our solution:

A rail car pressure gauge from our standard programme according to DIN 38 030 is used. The inscriptions are aligned to the Directive 931.0103 of the “Deutsche Bahn” (German Railways).

Differential pressure gauge DRChg 80-1 Fz rmBFr

Our instrument in detail:

Whether on the road or on rails:
Differential pressure gauge DRChg 80 – 1 Fz rmBFr


  • Indication accuracy ±1.0 % (class 1)
  • Luminous bright red pointer for indication of main brake pipe pressure (HL)
  • Yellow pointer for indication of operating pressure (HBL)
  • Standard version with two types of lighting,
    direct (light bulb or LED) and indirect via light slits in the case
  • Intended for installation in control panels
  • Up to 1,000,000 load alternations (braking processes) – without maintenance
  • Connections in various versions possible