Pharmaceutical Industry

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Quality and product safety play an elementary role in the pharmaceutical industry. Our measuring instruments quarantee secure production processes, free of contamination according to the highest hygienic requirements.Furthermore, our pressure measurement technology stands out due to their easy to clean, hygiene-suitable surfaces as well as aseptic process connections.
The hygienic requirements of the pharmaceutical industry are continually rising, especially regarding the piggability of the facilities and prevention of impurities during production. We always work according to current legal requirements to help you with your customer-specific requests.

The fulfilment of the pharmaceutical industry requirements is being type-tested by classification societies.

Application fields pharmaceutical industry

  • Plants for the production of serum
  • Serums
  • Cosmetics producers
  • Filter systems
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers

Instrument recommendations

Pressure measurement

7300 Pharmaceutical industry
Diaphragm seals 
(MDM 73.. / MDM 73..v)

for food / bio / pharmaceutical industries
for flat and form sealing 
membrane flush welded
8299.3 Pharmaceutical industry
Special stems for gas-actuated thermometers 
(A20.1 / A20.11 / A20.12 / A20.3 / A20.6)

process connections for food / bio / pharmaceutical industries