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Pressure measurement in water processing

Diaphragm pressure gauges in chlorine metering systems (AppBe_W_052)

for manufacturers of water treatment units for drinkable water, sanitary water, waste water, swimming pools
Fields of application Pressure Measurement in Water Processing Diaphragm pressure gauges in chlorine metering systems ARMANO Messtechnik GmbH
Water supply and waste water management businesses, as well as swimming pool operators use chlorine for disinfection of the water. Thus, microorganisms are killed off. However, inappropriate use can lead to health impairments. Chlorine is one of the most reactive elements that oxidises quickly with various materials. Therefore, the instruments in the cycle have to meet special demands.

The problem:

In this case, chlorine is a gaseous, dry medium. Therefore, special materials have to be used, so that the chlorine does not affect the instruments. In addition, the chlorine concentration plays an important role. It has to be guaranteed that the dosage is not exceeded and that it can be turned off and reduced if necessary.

Our solution:

We use a special diaphragm pressure gauge. The lower flange of the diaphragm with the socket is made of steel, black enamelled, the wetted parts are bright. The diaphragm is protected by a silver foil, which is applied vacuum-proof. The case, which is made of impact-proof polyamide with screw ring, protects from harmful external influences. Additionally, our instrument has an enlarged orifice to prevent possible cloggings caused by "chlorine butter".

4310 Diaphragm pressure gauge PsPK 63 – 2 ARMANO Messtechnik GmbH

Our instruments in detail:

Not corrodible: Diaphragm pressure gauge PsPK 63 – 2
  • -1 / 0 bar or 0 – 16 bar (-15 – 0 psi or 0 – 200 psi)
  • Diaphragm with fine silver foil
  • Bottom process connection G ¼ B (¼" BSP) black enamelled, with orifice Ø 5 mm (0.20"), optionally centre back connection (rm)
  • Connection and lower flange of the diaphragm alloy steel, black enamelled, wetted parts bright, optionally nickelplated or cadmium-plated
  • Optional: electrical contact as reed switch
  • Also available with bezel ring case as version PsP 60 – 2
  • Further option: pressure gauge NCS 100 (4") with horizontal diaphragm and electrical limit switch contact assemblies