Differential pressure gauges with vertical diaphragm with electrical additional accessory (data sheet 5495)

5495 Differential pressure gauges DiPsPH 100 with integrated micro switch vertical diaphragm 2.5 bar cover plate polycarbonate Armaturenbau Manotherm

model DiPsPH / without case filling
case with cover plate polycarbonate
accuracy class / nominal case size 2.5 NCS 100 (4")
wetted material aluminum, painted black
pressure ranges 0-250 mbar to 0-25 bar (0-3 psi to 0-300 psi)
special equipment with integrated micro switch 
one-sided resilient up to 25 bar 
static pressure PN according to pressure range 6 bar up to max. 25 bar 
3 mounting brackets for panel mounting