Special pressure gauges (data sheet 3901)

Absolute pressure gauge

3901 Absolute pressure gauges APCh 100-3 1000 mbar bayonet ring case stainless steel overrange protected with diaphragm measuring unit pressure measurement pressure metrology by Armaturenbau Manotherm

model APCh      / without case filling 
APSChG / with case filling
case stainless steel
ring bayonet ring 
stainless steel
special equipment standard overrange protected, 
up to 0- 250 mbar abs.: up to 5 bar 
0- 400 mbar abs. and above: up to 10 bar
accuracy class / nominal case size 1.6 NCS 100, 160 (4", 6")
process connection stainless steel
pressure ranges 0- 60 mbar abs. to 0-2500 mbar abs.