Special pressure gauges (data sheet 1902)

SF6-gas density monitors

1902 Bourdon tube pressure gauges RChgOe 100-3 M22, crimped-on ring case stainless steel, with limit switch contact assembly magnetic snap-action contact, SF6-gas density monitors, mechanical pressure measuring instruments, pressure metrology by ARMANO

model RChg 100-3 SF6 / without case filling 
RChgOe 100-3 SF6 / with case filling oil 
RChgN 100-3 SF6 / with case filling nitrogen
case stainless steel
ring crimped-on ring, 
stainless steel
accuracy class / nominal case size 1.0 at 20 °C NCS 100 (4") 
2.5 at -20 °C up to +60 °C
wetted material -3 stainless steel
pressure ranges e.g. -0.1 / +0.9 MPa
special equipment Gas density monitors for SF6-gas are pressure gauges with electrical additional accessory, to give alarm if leakage occurs. The instruments are calibrated on the special case of application referring calibration pressure, switching points and ambient temperature.