Limit switch contact assemblies for pressure gauges and thermometers (data sheet 9.1000)

9.1000 Limit switch contact assemblies magnetic contact contact gauges by ARMANO

model M
(magnetic contact)
application / operating conditions Magnetic contacts are applicable everywhere, as they are extensively insusceptible to vibrations.
  • breaking capacity, switching safety and contact load are considerably higher than for low-action contacts.
installation in case-Ø 63, 100, 160, 96x96 and 144x144
case filling Limit switch contact assemblies with magnetic contact are, by using a multifunctional relay of the model MSR, suitable for instruments with case filling only to a limited extent.
Ex-protection Possible by using intrinsically safe switch amplifiers model KF..-SR2.
No marking according to ATEX, but a declaration of manufacturer.