Limit switch contact assemblies for pressure gauges and thermometers (data sheet 9.1000)

9.1000 Limit switch contact assemblies electronic contact contact gauges by ARMANO

model E
(electronic contact)
application / operating conditions Electronic contacts are suitable for every industrial application. 
  • they are less susceptible than low-action contacts against accidental switchings by vibrations / pulsations
  • they are wear resistant (contactless switching) and corrosion-free (all electrical parts are water resistant moulded in a plastic case in cast resin).
  • SPS, optocoupler or other electronic analysing units with low voltages and flows can directly be switched.
installation in case-Ø 63, 100, 160, 96x96 and 144x144
case filling Limit switch contact assemblies with electronic contacts can be applied for instruments with case filling.