Diaphragm seals for food / bio / pharmaceutical industry (data sheet 7302)

For O-ring sealing

7302 RCh 63-3vDW welded with MDM 7340 DN ½ inch PN 16 - 40 d8 for O-ring sealing EHEDG 3A diaphragm seals chemical seals by ARMANO

model MDM 73..vd8 
MDM 73.. 
process connections DIN 11 864-1 
DIN 11 864-2  
DIN 11 864-3 
special equipment diaphragm flush welded 
cleaning temperature tR max. 150 °C 
Ra< 0.8 μm 
PN 16 to 40 
wetted material stainless steel 316L 
instrument connection orifice d8 for welding to a pressure gauge with process connection d8x5, 
e.g. RCh 100-3vDW, cooling element or capillary line