Precision pressure controller / calibrator (data sheet 10 463)

Automatic controllers

The modular controller DPC 3800 HDG is equipped with up to three precision sensors and an optional barometric reference. Due to a measurement uncertainty of 0.01 % FS of the entire measuring chain and its control stability of 0.003 % FS, this instrument is perfectly suited for the automatic calibration of pressure measuring instruments for which liquids are excluded as transfer medium.

10463 Precision pressure controller calibrator DPC 3800 HDG barotec calibration technology pressure by Armaturenbau Manotherm

model DPC 3800 HDG
version up to three pressure ranges
accuracy better 0.01 % FS
medium gas
pressure ranges gauge pressure: 0 – 100 bar to 0 – 220 bar 
                              (0 – 1,500 psi to 0 – 3,000 psi) 
absolute pressure and combinations: as indicated in data sheet 10461 possible upon request
  • pressure controller with precision pressure sensor 
  • up to 3 precision sensors can be actuated automatically (plus barometric reference) 
  • customised configurations of the pressure controller possible 
  • very high measuring rate 
  • colour touch screen, LED backlight 
  • easily calibrated 
  • modular construction 
  • fully digital measuring instrument 
  • automatic creation of test certificates via optional calibration software DynaCal
  • calibration laboratories 
  • service industries and calibration services 
  • laboratories for research and development 
  • pressure gauge, pressure switch and sensor manufacturing resp. transmitter calibration and creation of certificates 
  • long-term measurement