Bourdon tube pressure gauges with electrical additional accessory (data sheet 1219.4)

American case type

1219.4 Bourdon tube pressure gauges RCha 63 with reed switch, American case type (wide ring), limit switch contact assembly R, bayonet ring case stainless steel, mechanical pressure measuring instruments, pressure metrology by Armaturenbau Manotherm

model RCha / without case filling
case stainless steel
ring bayonet ring, 
stainless steel
accuracy class / nominal case size 1.6 NCS 63 (2½")
wetted material -1 copper alloy 
-3 stainless steel 
-6 Monel
pressure ranges 0- 2.5 bar to 0-1000 bar (0-30 psi to 0-15000)
special equipment limit switch contact assembly 
wide bayonet ring, polished