Special pressure gauges (data sheet 1800)

Caisson pressure gauges

1800 Bourdon tube pressure gauges RCaiCh 160 10 bar bayonet ring case stainless steel, caisson gauges, holding chain stainless steel, adjustable pointer, two ventilation holes at the bottom, mechanical pressure measuring instruments, pressure metrology by

model RCaiCh / without case filling
case stainless steel
ring bayonet ring, 
stainless steel
accuracy class / nominal case size 1.0 NCS 160 (6")
wetted material -1 copper alloy
pressure ranges 0-0.6 bar to 0-16 bar (0-10 psi to 0-200 psi)
special equipment holding chain stainless steel, 
adjustable pointer, 
2 bottom ventilation holes