Recommendation for Bourdon tube pressure gauges (data sheet 1211.7)

Bourdon tube pressure gauges, bayonet ring case stainless steel, DW-Line (Double Weld)

1211.7 RCh 63-3vDW without case filling  welded with MDM 7340vd8 accuracy class 1.6 nominal case size 63 (2 ½ inch) so that no leakage occurs easy to clean externally DW-Line by ARMANO

model / case filling RCh...    -3vDW / without case filling 
RChG... -3vDW / with case filling 
case stainless steel 
ring bayonet ring 
stainless steel 
special equipment pressure gauge (case / connection piece welded) with chemical seal MDM 7...vd8, so that no leakage occurs, simple external cleaning 
accuracy class / nominal case size 1.6 NCS 63 (2½") 
wetted material – 3 stainless steel 316L 
pressure ranges 0-0.6 bar to 0-600 bar (0-10 psi to 0-10000 psi) 
Details concerning the pressure gauge can be found on the corresponding data sheet 1211.7 of heading 1. 


  • GOST-Type Certification - Russia
  • GOST Type Certification - Kazakhstan

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