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Pressure references with gauge design DPG 2600 A / A+


Product news

9668 Digital precision pressure gauge DPG 2600

The digital pressure gauge DPG 2600 A / A+ offers solutions in the fields of calibration, maintenance and process analysis.
With a measuring accuracy of 0.02 %, the DPG 2600 A+ is a powerful pressure reference for the control of inspection, measuring and test equipment.

The high measuring accuracy of the integrated sensors enables the calibration of measuring devices with pressure ranges significantly smaller than the nominal pressure range of the digital pressure gauge. Thus, many different pressure ranges can be traced back to one DPG 2600 A / A+. A large number of measuring ranges can be tested with a few digital pressure gauges.
The device can be supplied with a calibration software, with which calibration certificates can be issued on the PC. With a keystroke, the measured values can be transferred from the digital pressure gauge to the PC.
The integrated battery makes the device ideal for on-site maintenance and adjustment tasks. Other very useful analysis functions are the integrated leakage rate measurement and the automatic recording of maximum and minimum pressures.
With the appropriate software, the digital pressure gauge can also be used as a data logger to detect malfunctions with long-term measurements.