Fire Extinguishing and Fire Protection

Pressure measurement on rescue equipment

Pressure gauges for respiratory protective equipment (AppBe_F_052)

for manufacturers of rescue equipment
Field of application pressure measurement on rescue equipment respiratory protective equipment ARMANO Messtechnik GmbH
Respiratory protective equipment serves as protection for firefighters. Whether for firefighting or interventions with hazardous substances, breathing protection is vital. When unprotected, toxic flue gases or other harmful substances could be inhaled, which inevitably could endanger the health or even lead to death.
The pressure gauges for respiratory protective equipment have to withstand extreme conditions. Nevertheless, the functionality has to be guaranteed. Therefore, pressure gauges have to meet
high demands.

The problem:

Pressure gauges serve smoke divers for continuous control of the air supply in breathing air bottles. Here, the instruments are exposed to harsh operating conditions, which include, for example, impacts, high temperatures and vibrations. In an emergency, the pressure gauge has to withstand a fall from a height of 1.5 m (4.92 ft.), without affecting the indication accuracy, as well as temperatures of up to 800 °C (1472 °F) in case of fire. The instrument has to withstand these extreme conditions and it has to be readable in the dark.
In addition, the scale also has to indicate the critical remaining pressure, which is necessary to leave the dangerous area.

Our solution:

We have the suitable pressure gauge for these requirements. Our instrument has been tested under the described conditions and can provide exact values, even after a fall or at high temperatures. Besides that, the instrument has a non-splintering window and a case with crimped-on ring. The dial was customised. A luminescent dial ensures good readability, even in the dark, and a special scale with red marking indicates the critical area for the user.

Bourdon tube pressure gauge RChg 50 – 3 ARMANO Messtechnik GmbH

Our instrument in detail:

Shockproof: Bourdon tube pressure gauge RChg 50 – 3
  • Accuracy class 1.6
  • Case with polished crimped-on ring, 1.4301 stainless steel
  • Degree of protection IP67
  • NCS 50 (2")
  • Wetted parts 316 L stainless steel
  • Pressure range 0 − 36 MPa (360 bar)
  • Window polycarbonate
  • Luminescent dial
  • Free of grease and oil
  • Vibration-resistant (50 – 60 Hz, amplitude 0.4 mm)
  • Impact-resistance from 1.5 m (4.92 ft.) height (with rubber protection cap) on concrete without influence on indication accuracy
  • Resistant against open flame [800 °C (1472 °F), 5 sec]
  • Resistant against 200 °C (392 °F) ambience (1 min)
  • Durability > 10 years

Pressure measurement in fire extinguishing and fire protection technology

Pressure gauges for fire-extinguishing systems in airplanes and helicopters (AppBe_F_053)

for manufacturers of fire-extinguishing systems
Field of application Fire-extinguishing system Airplane Helicopter ARMANO Messtechnik GmbH
There are different ways to extinguish fire. An effective method is to cool it down with extinguishing water. However, this method is not suitable for every field of application. Fire-extinguishing systems in airplanes and helicopters have to be designed based on a different method. Removal of oxygen can smother a fire. For this purpose, the gas mixture Inergen is used. In this field of application, pressure gauges also have to meet high demands.

The problem:

There is only limited space in helicopters and airplanes and fire cannot be extinguished with water, as it would cause to great a damage. Additionally, flying causes vibrations that can damage the instrument.
In this field of application, extinguishing systems with gas are used. Inergen is a gas mixture (nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide), which can be applied in closed rooms. One advantage is that, as opposed to pure carbon dioxide, survival in flooded spaces is possible. Furthermore, no residues remain.

Our solution:

We have the right pressure gauge to ensure monitoring of gas pressure in fire extinguishing tanks.
Our pressure gauge of the NCS 40 and a particularly short connecting piece is space-saving and light. So that it withstands turbulences and thus caused vibrations during the flight, we have welded the bayonet ring against unintended release.
A helium leak detection ensures the density of the instrument. Upon customer request, we have tested the instrument on other criteria (functionality, pressure) and have issued corresponding certificates.

Bourdon tube pressure gauge RCh 40 – 3, rm ARMANO Messtechnik GmbH

Our instrument in detail:

For fire-extinguishing systems with gas:
Bourdon tube pressure gauge RCh 40 – 3, rm

  • Accuracy class 1.6
  • Case with bayonet ring, welded
  • Nominal case size 40
  • Pressure range 0 − 160 bar
  • Connection: ⅛" NPT centre back with shortened connecting piece
  • Dual scale 0 − 2,300 psi (black)
  • Helium leak detection (10-9 mbar l/s)
  • Tests of and certificates on different criteria according to customer request (functionality, density, pressure test and others)