Water and Waste Water

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The supply and treatment of water create special demands on the industry-specific measurement technique.
With our competent expert knowledge, we support our customers in selecting the suitable pressure measuring instruments. Our pressure gauges and thermometers are being applied in a manifold of areas in the water and waste water industry and range over drinking water abstraction to the cleaning, as well as water treatment and storing.

Besides stainless steel, further special materials and coatings are available which provide an efficient application of chemicals and cost reduction. With this, our instruments make an active contribution to environmentalism. Aggressive, contaminated and viscous media do not cause any problems.

Application fields water and waste water

  •  Chlorine metering services
  •  Waste water treatment plants
  •  Overfill basins
  •  Screening plants
  •  Filter presses
  •  Digestion towers
  •  Pumping stations
  •  Desalination plant
  •  Barrage

Instrument recommendations

Pressure measurement

Temperature measurement