Rail Cars

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Our combi gauges combine many features that are required for the use in rail cars of the different types.
Our combi gauges provide: 
  • direct and indirect lighting
  • Standardised visual appearance at control panel
  • Numerous variations / options
  • Minimised front-to-back sizes and reduced weights
  • Reliable pressure measurement
  • Comfortable reading
  • Long service life

Various options and choices are available additionally to obtain the instrument that you require:
  • Only direct or indirect lighting
  • Other process connections, e.g. with cutting ring and union nut
  • Individual coloured dial and pointer design
  • Adjustment for special positions of installation

Brochure "Rail Car Pressure Gauges"

Application fields rail cars

For many years our different pressure gauge and thermometer models are supplied to different operators, manufacturers and suppliers of
  • Rail cars
  • Undergrounds
  • Tramways
  • Locomotives for surface mining
  • Quayside railways
  • Rail tank cars
  • Coal dust tank cars

Instrument recommendations

Pressure measurement