Food Industry

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Highest hygienic requirements are the focus of quality in the food industry. Our pressure measuring instruments and thermometers conform to the highest hygienic demands to ensure the purity standards that are required in the food industry. As important part of the system concept, our pressure measuring instruments and thermometers grant food hygiene, safety and a cleaning which is free of dead space for the prevention of undesirable bacteria and germ formation.

The fulfilment of the hygienic requirements is type-tested by classification societies.

In the food industry, the hygiene design is being supported by process connections that are customary within an industry and manufacturer-specific, as according to:
  • DIN 11851
  • ISO 2853 (IDF), SMS Norm and DS 722
  • DRD
  • Clamp connections according to ISO 2852
  • DIN 32676 and Tri-Clamp
  • DIN 11864-1 Aseptic – welding male and groove nut
  • DIN 11864-2 Aseptic – loose flange
  • DIN 11864-3 Aseptic – Nutclamp
  • Südmo
  • NAUE
  • Neumo / BioConnect®
  • APV In-line
  • Neumo BioControl®
  • Varivent® / Varinline® cases
  • Connections for homogenising machines

Application fields food industry

  • Homogenising machine
  • Beverage bottling plants
  • Bottle cleaning plants
  • Breweries
  • Creameries
  • Coffee roasters
  • Wine press houses

Instrument recommendations

Pressure measurement

7300 Food industry
Diaphragm seals 
(MDM 73.. / MDM 73..v)

for food / bio / pharmaceutical industries
for flat and form sealing 
membrane flush welded
8299.3 Food industry
Special stems for gas-actuated thermometers 
(A20.1 / A20.11 / A20.12 / A20.3 / A20.6)

process connections for food / bio / pharmaceutical industries