Our formula for the energy sector: Efficiency = manpower x competence²

The energy sector is one of the most important industries in a country. The energy production by coal-burning-, hydro- or atomic-power plants and renewable energies are essential today.
Therefore, it is important for pressure and temperature measurement technology to allow for lawful and uninterrupted flow of the energy supply.

By the distinctive quality awareness in our company, our instruments, for example our SF6-gas density monitor, are optimally constructed for a steady, reliable and persistent quality awareness.

Brochure "SF6 Gas Density Monitoring"

NEW – Our special brochure "SF6 Gas Density Monitoring" (Energy) is now available!

In this brochure, you will find a selection of instruments for the special application in SF6-gas insulated systems. Our large product range offers you a selection of instruments, connections and performances that are perfectly suited for the diverse demands in gas density monitoring. Are you interested? Please do not hesitate and have a look at our brochure, which is available here as ePaper. Just select the button below the picture on the left hand side. The brochure is also available as PDF in our download area.

You are looking for an instrument for a special case of application? Our experienced employees are glad to answer any of your questions.

Application fields energy sector

  • Transformers
  • Steam turbines
  • Water turbines
  • SF6-Gas density monitoring
  • Pump storage plant
  • Block power station

Instrument recommendations

Pressure measurement

1902 Energy
SF6-gas density monitors 
(RChg / RChgOe / RChgN)

Bourdon tube pressure gauges with crimped-on ring case stainless steel 
with magnetic snap-action contact

Temperature measurement

8650 Energy

for mounting into the process
straight construction type with metal protection tube, up to 1200 °C