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High and Ultra-high Pressure for Laboratories and Workshops of Instrumentation and Control Engineering


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10157 Comparison pump PS 2500 G in a case 0 to 2500 bar hand pump (piston pump) up to 1600 bar handwheel (spindle pump) up to 2500 bar calibration technology hydraulic version pressure generation Armaturenbau Manotherm

With comparison pumps of the PS and PH series, you realise pressures from −1 bar up to 2500 bar without much effort. With their proven and robust design, the comparison pumps are suitable for continuous operations and used in laboratories and ICA-workshops (Instrumentation, Control and Automation) all over the world. The convenient handling, in combination with our high-precision measuring instruments of the barotec© calibration technology, allows you a swift assembly of a measuring workshop, of a laboratory, or to fill a metrological gap. Further information on the comparison pumps and indicators can be found in model overview 10000. Our specialists would be pleased to advise you personally.

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